Gwinnett Cty Peer Leadership Conf recap!


Kids and I having fun!

Yesterday it was the 18th Annual Peer Leadership Conference in Gwinnett county! The conference was held at First Baptist Church in Snellville,Ga. I had so much fun returning for a second time and seeing the students! Last year it had to be around 500 middle school kids, but this year it seemed like it was an even bigger crowd,wow! The kids requested me again and I was honored to go back and talk with them. The conference started off with a young man by the name of Chris Sandy telling his chilling tale about how he killed someone drinking and driving. He showed pictures of the crash and the victims car, it was a sad story. The kids looked shocked and asked him lots of questions about being in prison.


My kids at session

Other speakers of the day ranged from Probation officers,Doctors,counselors,motivational speakers,comedians and more! Some of the sessions were about Juvenile Court,Working with special needs students,Internet Safety,Gang Awareness,Diversity,and more! My session was called,”Reaching  your Dreams“. I talked to the students about how I started my talk show, interviews that I’ve done and how I started blogging. Alot of the kids thought bloggers didnt get paid but I explained how there is  alot of money that can be made with one. They seemed to be very interested in that subject and asked lots of questions.We all had fun taking turns doing mock interviews, while I showed them how to turn up the energy on the red carpet. I think the kids enjoyed my class lol. I want to thank Gwinnett County School Counselors for inviting me out and give a special thanks to Ms.Maria Grovner over at Creekland Middle School for telling me about the program. Oh yeah and a big shout out to all the middle school kids in Gwinnett County,you rock!


Ms.Maria Grovner(Counselor at Creekland Middle School)



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