H.E.R. Costumes In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Honors Her Filipino Heritage

It was so much fun watching the Beauty and the Beast 30th Celebration special on ABC. What I loved most was all the brightly colored costumes and especially H.E.R. looks! I quickly found out after a little research that she paid tribute to her Filipino heritage in the show!

Disney did an amazing job of capturing her true beauty and the costumes looked every bit of extravagant! She did a great job of playing the lead role of Belle! In the play the pretty songstress wore three different looks throughout the special. My all-time favorite look ofcourse was the yellow ball gown, H.E.R. looked classic and iconic! She also wore a blue and white dress and pink dress with cape.

Award-winning costume designer Marina Toybina did the honors of creating the magical looks that we saw. She truly brought the vision of the 30th celebration of Beauty and the Beast to life! Her team created over 250 costumes and over 3000 pieces, wow! Step inside to see some of my favorite looks. If you missed Beauty and the Beast on ABC, it’s now streaming on Disney +….

(ABC/Christopher Willard)

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