Hair Trend: Bantu Knots

dej loaf birthday party

DeJ Loaf

Have you guys noticed the latest hair trend? Everyone is on the Bantu Knots craze. Its small, coiled buns secured against the side of the head. Its sectioned off, parted and just winded into small buns. You can make big ones or small ones depending on the size of your head and length of hair. I always put my hair in these knots when I wash and blow dry my hair. I just never thought to wear this particular hairstyle out in public because I simply never thought it was that cute to be seen in public. My own mom would section my hair off like this too when she would wash and air dry my hair then press my locks. Brings back a lot of memories but this hairstyle has been around the African American culture for years and now it’s becoming very popular again. Check out a few celebs rocking this latest hair trend inside…


bantu knots

Jada Pinkett Smith in an action movie years ago

bantu knots

Gwen Stefani in concert back in the early 2000’s

bantu knots

Rihanna rocking the trend

hair trend

Blac Chyna on the red carpet the other night.

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