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I’m hoping you had a kick ass weekend, I know that I did! It started off kind of slow but then it quickly picked up when I got to experience a helicopter ride over Atlanta on Sunday afternoon! It was the perfect day out too bright, sunny and warm, such a great day to see the city for sure! I took a friend along with me because it was there birthday and it was such a surprise to them! They had never experienced such a thing but yeah, they were totally geeked! I had done a helicopter ride many years ago with my family when Pootie and Dootie were really young, they both remember it too.

Well, yesterday we headed to Atlanta Helicopters Tours (located at Peachtree Dekalb Airport) where we did the King & Queen over Buckhead Tour. Our pilot name was Loren and he was super cool. When I got there and registered, I don’t know why but I was looking for an older gentlemen to be our tour guide because Loren looked so young lol. I kept walking pass him, not knowing that he was the guy lol. After figuring out he was “our guy” and introducing myself to him, he assured us that we would be in good hands.

Loren went over everything to be expected on the tour and also the safety instructions and then we were off. This particular helicopter we were in was a 2015 model and cost roughly around $500,000…wow! We quickly took off and got up to 500 feet at about 150 miles per hour. You definitely couldn’t feel it as he showed us different parts of Buckhead, important buildings, areas and more. It’s so cool to try new things and if you know anyone celebrating any special occasions, you should check out Atlanta Helicopters and tell them I sent yah…till next time!  xoxo

King, Queen and Buckhead Tour:

Loop around the King and Queen and then over to Buckhead to enjoy some of the cities prime communities, including the Governor’s Mansion. Check out the best of Atl’s upscale spots and some of the city’s most luxurious homes.

About Atlanta Helicopters:

When flying with Atlanta Helicopters, guests enjoy their choice of premium flight experiences aboard a Robinson R-44 helicopter, including: Daytime, Sunset, and Night & Deluxe tours. Atlanta Helicopters is also available for aerial photography charters for film and advertising and offers private flight instruction.

With a warm spirit of southern hospitality and a friendly multi- cultural staff, everyone who flies with Atlanta Helicopters becomes a member of our urban family. Our friendly and courteous staff is committed to making your flight the most memorable part of your experience in Atlanta.


Atlanta Helicopters

Peachtree-Dekalb Airport

Signature Flight Support Building

1 Corsair Drive

Atlanta, Ga 30341


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