Hey There July & 10 Things

Hello my lovelies, I am going to try something different this year. Well, let’s take that back lol. It’s already six months in but you know what I am talking about lol! I’m going to start updating my blog post here with a 10 things that I love, articles that I saw that are intriguing and other things that I just want to share to the world that I find interesting!

From beauty products, fancy shoes, fashion, entertainment, celebrities and more! So today will be the first post on that. I recently addressed my 30lb weight loss journey with my instagram followers, so I will have the link inside and this outfit is from Spanx, I am wearing their push up bra and sheer arm tights crop top with just some black bikini bottoms that I already owned. More inside of 10 things that interest me, enjoy your day! 

Ten Things:

  • I love this sheer crop top by Spanx that I had and never got around to wearing it till now. I plan on staying in bikinis as much as possible this summer because basically, it’s hot as hell here in Atlanta and I enjoy wearing them lol.
  • My 30lb weight loss journey, you can read all about it here. Hope everyone finally gets the answers they wanted, I didn’t diet or exercise, it was due to stress and depression… sadly.
  • Tonight I will be attending BET’s Hit The Floor red carpet and meeting the cast, hosted by Terrance J. Should be a good time, check back to see all the pictures! BET’s Hit The Floor premieres July 10th at 10pm.
  • I absolutely love heels and don’t know how much longer I will be able to wear them but until then I am obsessed with these new Giuseppe Zanotti “Sylvia” ones in red, yes please!
  • I made this Pan Balsamic Chicken And Veggies recipe by Chelsea Messy Apron over the weekend and it turned out so damn good, you have to try and it took next to no time to make, delicious!
  • I love a good dress, this one by Isabel Marant Etoile is simply lovely, so adorable! And it’s on sale!
  • Lebron James is headed to the Lakers, I called it! Good for him, read about it over here!
  • I went to the movies over the weekend and saw Sicario: Day of the Soldado, very good!
  • Looking for a great makeup artist in the Atlanta area, try KSummah, she’s awesome and can beat a face to be so young. Support young black entrepreneurs!
  • NewsAnchor Fred Blankenship will keep you cracking up and motivated in the mornings! Follow him, he’s so fun!

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2 thoughts on “Hey There July & 10 Things

  1. Watching you and your daughter transform is a reminder to make ourselves a priority.

    The “Ten Things” are cool. Those red shoes are fiyaaaaaa!

    As always thanks for posting. You never owe anyone an explanation. I remember when you shared a Snapchat video. I considered reaching out, but understand that this is your real personal life and didn’t want to pry. So friend in my head, know that someone in Philly is praying for you and I truly do wish you health, happiness, joy and prosperity in all areas of your life!

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