Holiday Crafting At ABC Studios In Los Angeles

When I was in high school and later on in life, I absolutely loved creating crafts. Once I was married and started my own family I really got into it. I was a room mom for a few years when my kids were in pre-school and elementary school. I LOVED making crafts! Yes, I was that annoying mom that brought in “Martha Stewart” type of treats and crafts for my kids friends and schoolmates all the time lol. I loved doing DIY projects with my kids when I was a stay at home mom. Then they got older and started getting into sports, Dootie was a cheerleader and Pootie was into football, so I would make all their cute holiday presents etc. The adults would always come to me to make different themed projects for the kiddies and I didn’t mind at all.

While out in Los Angeles with Disney a few weeks back, we stopped by the ABC Studios to meet a lot of the cast members from different tv shows in conjunction with their 25 Days of Christmas tv shows and we did a holiday craft projects while interviewing the casts. All the Disney bloggers created holiday ornaments to hang on the tree and I was super psyched till I found it, it was a time limit, yikes! I have to have time to think of what I want to do but it was still fun to do! I created a kinda cute Christmas ornament for the tree but it was NOT my best work lol. After we all created our ornaments, they were judged and there were three winners. Check out all the fun we had inside and enjoy your weekend everyone! 

My holiday ornament, not bad but not that great lol.

My favorite ornament

The winners, congrats!

Parting gifts, I love these Mickey and Minnie cookie cutters!

Check out this DIY holiday decor video with lots of ideas below…

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