Holiday Gift Guide At Cracker Barrel

Hello my sweeties! I had an amazing morning at a nearby Cracker Barrel in Braselton, Ga. I’ve never been in this area but it was right up the road from where I live. I had to do some last minute shopping for the holiday, so I called up my friend Genae (who is also my photographer) and we headed there to shop and get some breakfast.

Can you guys believe that I have NEVER eaten at Cracker Barrel? I must have been under a rock because of course I have heard of it, but to actually sit down and dine there, no I have not lol. Let me tell you though, I’ve been missing out!

Once we arrived, the staff was very friendly and showed us around their huge store. It reminded me of a General Store from the past but it was filled with everything you could ever think of, great gift ideas, stocking stuffers, fashion, men’s items and lots of cute things for the kids! I stocked up on gifts for my family and dear friends. Check out my Christmas gift guide from my visit and if you still haven’t started your holiday shopping, you should stop by their locations to see all that they have! It was such a great experience and if I had a car big enough, I would have definitely nabbed one of their Christmas trees lol. Enjoy the festive pictures inside… 

The friendly staff at Cracker Barrel was very accommodating and helped me with all my shopping needs. I can’t wait to whip up Christmas morning breakfast for my family with this Cracker Barrel Breakfast Basket!   

These quilts were some of my favorite items from Cracker Barrel’s home section. Not only are they very pretty for the season, but they’re also perfect for cold December weather!

These cute Butterflies™ Dolls are great gift ideas for the little ladies in your life! How cute are Belle and Penny?!

I loved these sparkly Christmas trees! Cracker Barrel has some beautiful and festive holiday décor… too bad my car isn’t big enough to fit this Slim Frosted Pine Christmas Tree! It’s on sale right now too! lol

They have a ton of great mugs perfect for the holiday season in-store and online.

After a morning of shopping, I sat down for a lovely breakfast in front of the fireplace, very cozy!

Images shot by Genae Banks Photography



*This was a sponsored post, the views and opinions are my own.


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8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide At Cracker Barrel

  1. See, now I feel like taking the kids to Cracker Barrel tomorrow for brunch. I remember going years ago when I first moved to the ATL area and it was great. That’s been about 20 yrs ago and then the- racial issues associated with CB tarnished my opinion about them. I’m ready to dust that stigma off and go again… 🙂

  2. I had an amazing time and especially for my first dining experience lol. I will be back and the food was great, awesome customer service etc! Thanks for stopping by Jillian. xoxo

  3. Love your outfit could you tell us about the boots that you are wearing I love them Thank you

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