Hot Bag Review: Louis Vuitton St. Cloud Messenger Bag

For a few weeks, I had the pleasure of reviewing an all-new handbag designed by Louis Vuitton! It’s called the  St.Cloud Messenger Bag and I picked this particular handbag because I was going to be doing a lot of traveling and I knew early on that I would have a lot of bags and luggage, so I needed my hands to be free as much as possible! I do VERY well with messenger or cross body handbags because its just more convenient for me! 

In New York City

I really fell in love with this bag because of the shape, style and look of it! I personally would buy this purse in a heartbeat because of it’s durability and the way it fell right at my hip. Some cross body handbags are too high up and don’t fit right but this was a perfect style for me. It held just enough items that I needed inside, like my wallet, keys, cellphone, a tube of lipgloss, and my readers. Most smaller handbags are too small to get anything inside but this messenger bag held everything that was important to me!

I actually stopped in a Louis Vuitton store a few days ago just browsing around and the salesmen was very informative telling me how to care for my leather handbags. He said never to leave them in the sun. Store them in the dust cloths that come with the bag. The more you carry them, the more they are exposed to the elements and that is what changes the color of the leather. I have a Louis Vuitton speedy handbag and I store it in my closet on a shelf, in a cool temperature. I did know to do that lol. So this messenger handbag would be ideal for a woman on the go, or young adult starting out with their first designer handbag. Retails for $1,560 at Louis Vuitton but you can also borrow it from Bag Borrow or Steal. Till next time! xoxo

In Philadephia, Pa

To Los Angeles

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