How To Host A Dreamy Sleepover

When I was out of town in Nashville, Tennessee my girl crew and I had a fabulous time staying at The Moxy Hotel. We planned the trip months in advance and put together some fun activities! We all came with gifts, and I was pleasantly surprised when my blogger buddy Wendy gifted us with some cute pink zebra pajamas. Later in the evening, we had a fun pajama party. That made me think to share with you how to get your girlfriends together and have a fun girl’s night in!

Hosting a girls’ sleepover can be a fun and memorable experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan and host a successful sleepover:

Planning the Sleepover
Guest List Decide how many people to invite, ensuring you have enough space and resources to accommodate everyone.
Send out invitations in advance. You can create digital invites or use paper ones. Include details like time, date, location, what to bring, and any activities planned.
Make sure each guest has permission from their parents to attend, including any medical or dietary information you might need. More inside….

Preparing Your Home
Sleeping Arrangements Set up sleeping bags, air mattresses, or blankets in a designated area. Make sure there’s enough space for everyone.
Prepare a variety of snacks like popcorn, chips, fruit, and candy. Plan for dinner (pizza is a popular choice) and breakfast (pancakes or waffles are simple options).
Plan a mix of activities, such as movies, board games, DIY crafts, or video games. Consider a schedule to keep the evening flowing.
Decorate the space with fun items like balloons, streamers, or fairy lights. You can choose a theme for added fun.

Hosting the Sleepover
Greet each guest and help them set up their sleeping space.
Establish some basic rules, like no pranks that could cause harm and a quiet time for sleep. Ensure there’s a first-aid kit on hand for any minor injuries.
Kick off with some icebreakers if the guests don’t know each other well. Move on to planned activities, allowing flexibility based on what the group enjoys.
Select a movie that suits the group’s age and interests. Create a cozy viewing area with blankets and pillows.
Allow for some free time before officially turning off the lights. Give everyone space to chat quietly and wind down before sleeping.

The Morning After

Offer a simple breakfast to the guests, like pancakes, cereal, or fruit.
Have some fun cleaning up with the group, involving them in gathering sleeping bags and tidying up.
Thank everyone for coming and ensure they have transportation home if needed.

With these steps, you should be able to host a fun and memorable sleepover for your friends. Enjoy!


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