How To: Things I Do To Overcome Huge Disappointments


Recently I was hit with some bad news. It has not just been one thing but it has been a series of things over the last few months geesh! I’m one of those people though that think of myself as a pretty tough cookie. When it comes to receiving bad news, I’m pretty immune to it. I’m use to hearing bad news and getting disappointed, I’ve had a lot of bad things happen to me in the past. I’ve learned how to cope and deal with it, even though who really likes to hear it or go through it all.¬†Getting bad news doesn’t phase me anymore because I know in this crazy world, people are pretty much flakey, things are just going to happen and so on. I don’t think that that people mean to disappoint me but I know that everyone has busy schedules, life happens and more. I think too, it could be that people are just lazy and bad at following through. These behaviors are things that I try to avoid with my brand, so that I don’t personally get a bad reputation for being unprofessional. Life happens but you have to learn how to move on and deal with the blows.

It all started last month when I was planning my trip to New York City for Fashion Week and it seemed like it went down hill after that. It was one fiasco after another! Half of the designers that I was suppose to work with flaked out and I could not figure out why when I know that I gave them three months in advance notice. That was the first thing that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Secondly,¬†my husband has not been working like he should because he insists on staying up North for work thinking that he will make “more money” up there but by it being winter time (and its been a hell of a winter up there) he hardly has moved his trucks and when he does, they keep breaking down! That has caused a huge financial strain on us and I think he finally realizes now, what I’ve been preaching for YEARS that hell, you might as well be down here in the south with your family, moving your trucks instead of stuck up north in the snowstorms. Men never listen to their wives smh!

Then lastly, my car died and I had to rush out and buy a car unexpectedly. WTH! It was the most random thing and it just kinda happened with NO warning. So this is what happened to me within the last two months and usually when I get bad news, it comes in threes. I can’t figure out why its like that either. I have learned to roll with the punches though and just keep on going because heck, what else am I suppose to do! LOL!


Here are a list of things that I do to overcome huge disappointments in my life…

I say a prayer and let God handle it all.

I vent to a friend I can trust but NOT any ol’ friend that will spread my business around town!

I find other avenues to gain more income that I can do to compensate for my losses. Be it odd jobs, writing for other news sources etc.

I take long drives to clear my mind.

I have always been a saver, my mom taught me that early on and I’m glad that I have a stash put away for those rainy days.

I teach my kids that through hard times(and it will be) always have a backup plan.

I still pamper and keep myself up! I find creative ways in which I can still get pedicures, hair serves etc. Besides these things makes you feel better about yourself. You have to treat yourself or you will go crazy lol.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

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  1. Tami, God’s ever present grace will see you through as He has done for me so many times. You are a strong woman and no weapon formed against you will prosper.

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