I Don’t Want Summer To End And A Few Other Thoughts

I got a lil teary eyed this morning as I started to post this article. Where did our summer go? I felt like I was just getting used to the hot weather, pool parties and hanging out with friends. Then bam, It’s August and just think, we only have another week before it’s September…sigh! I feel as though we were robbed and I had vowed to be in “bikinis all summer”. Well, I did almost do that lol and I did get to travel a bit but wow! I have had a few friends from my high school or that have known me a long time reach out to me and say, “dang Tami, that is awesome that you can still put on a two-piece bikini at our age, go head sis”.

Well, as some of you know, it’s been a long journey and I’m still working on my weight loss journey. Trying to eat more healthier plus being more active. It’s been a struggle but I have been able to maintain my weight loss well over four years now. It all started with going through severe depression during and after my divorce that caused me to lose over 70lbs. I feel much better now, lighter and I can think clearer. I started to gain a bit of my weight back a few months ago, maybe about 10 lbs but loss that again because of summer and the heat here in Atlanta, I barely have an appetite. I’m the type that can’t eat that much when it’s hot out.

With the cooler weather to come, hopefully I can put a few more pounds on. Another thing that bugs me is that people constantly assume that I have had plastic surgery. They just can’t seem to process the fact that I’m a grandmother that’s 53, still wearing a bikini. You guys, I’m a professional blogger, if I did have plastic surgery, don’t you think that I would have journaled that whole experience? I’m no dummy and I could have profited off of that lol! I assure you that I have never had any work done but I don’t frown down upon anyone who has! I just believe in living a fun, healthy and exciting life and I have made better choices. My next goal is to hit the gym and tone up more.

Even with this horrific pandemic, I’m still blessed to be sitting here typing on my blog, spending time with my family and great friends. I have NO complaints at all. I could be going through something more so I will take the summer weather going away as we transition into Fall. I will focus on what’s to come even if summer time was short-lived. Till next time. xoxo

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