I Got To Design My Very Own Dress With DesignFormal Couture

It was so much fun designing my very own custom dress with Brydealo Factory! I was headed to a Bridgerton ball last year. I wanted to look and feel like a true princess! If you know me, you know I love all things sparkly, whimsy and pink! So I couldn’t wait to design my tulle off-the-shoulder dress, it was throughly planned out by me and a great designer and they really captured the true essence of what I had in mind! This time around I will be designing another dress, I can’t wait! See more inside…

How do I design my dream dress with Brydealo Factory?

The process of designing my dress was pretty simple and I personally had a fabulous designer that stayed in touch with me thru the whole process, it was not bad at all! I kept sending in inspirational photos and then she would send me back sketches. Once that was done, I approved the final details and it was ready to be designed!

This is how it works

  1. Sign up on BrydealoFactory.
  2. A designer will contact you and you can convey your design requirements and submit them. It’s an easy and fast process. With your exclusive designer, you can personalize your design details such as silhouette, sleeves, neckline, color, etc. Make sure to tell the designer exactly what you want and have images ready.
  3. After submitting your images to BrydealoFactory you can add a detailed note and add informations about measurements, budget, fabric and colors. Choose from hundreds of fabrics and colors. The decision on which fabric to choose for your next custom-made design is perhaps the most important one. The designer will help you throughout this whole process and will consult you on what fabric options make sense for your style and gown.
  4. In addition you can also add another service and even get your dress sketched before you order it. A professional sketch will help you to preview your design before production.
  5. BrydealoFactory is also providing the finished dress photos for your confirmation before shipping, and you also have a chance for modification. Once all details are set and clear you can confirm the tailoring of the dress, pay for it and it will go in production.

How I created my dress

I was headed to a Bridgerton-themed ball here in Atlanta, so I knew early on I wanted to wear my favorite color blush pink. I also love tulle and off-the-shoulder dresses, so I went online to find similar silhouettes. Once I gathered all the photos, I started to send to my designer. She sent me back different fabrics and shades of pink and I approved everything then the process began! From the shoulder details to the tea-length of the hem, it was all executed perfectly!

How long was the whole process?

It was quite fast! I received my custom dress in about 6 weeks. After my designer sent me the final sketch and I ok’d everything the process moved quickly. But it all depends on how much detailing your dress design is. The shipment itself really varies and depends on where you live, so it can take up to 2 weeks total to receive. But still it wasn’t that long at all!

Who is DesignFormal?
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