You read the title right! It’s so funny how the world is SO small! Yesterday afternoon I headed to Buckhead to try out a new dessert place called, Cheesecaked. I had heard of the name before but still I had no idea it was someone that I had met before. It’s a bit of a long back story and I will make it short but when I moved here in 2005, my daughter made friends with a girl in elementary school and they have been besties ever since. Well come to find out, the owner of Cheesecaked is related to my daughter’s best friend and I do remember her mom (who’s been on my blog at my Girls Night event) telling me about her relative having a business lol. The world is very small you guys but I meet so many people it’s ridiculous.

Owner Shawn Brown is originally from Los Angeles but moved here a few years ago and has some of the best cheesecakes in town! She now has a brand new location here in Atlanta and let’s just say, you have to head there to try! Oh my goodness, it’s so yummy! She is also making a huge name for herself because her decorative milkshakes are ALL over Instagram! People literally come in daily to buy the fun and colorful looking milkshakes, take a selfie with them, take a few bites and throw the rest away, wow! I had the pleasure of trying a few things while there and I was blown away! I really enjoyed the cheesecake that is shaped like a cupcake. My mentee Dionne loved the milkshakes. I was very impressed by the creativity of her desserts, the friendly atmosphere, her back story and so much more! Check out all the sweet treats she offers inside and if you are here or plan on visiting Atlanta, you have to take your family by, it’s such a cute and Pinktastic place. Tell her I sent yah! xoxo

Owner Shawn Brown

Sprinkled Waffle Cones

A variety of cheesecakes Oh My!

Cup of Cocoa

Strawberry Heaven, Sunday Morning

McPudding Pie, Southern Belle

Pretty Milkshakes! 

Speciality Cheesecakes

Shawn and Dionne

Happy Customers, they are so cute!

Images shot by Me and Dionne


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4 thoughts on “I WAS CHEESECAKED!

  1. This is all bad for me, but I love cheesecake. I will be heading there soon. But, I know you were tickled “pink” while you were in there, lol.

  2. These look amazingly good. I told my friends who live in Atl to check it out. I am hoping to get visit sooner than later.

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