Ice & Coco: Coco’s Fan Girl Moment Meeting Sharon Stone & More

coco and ice t

In an all-new episode of Ice & Coco on Thursday, August 6th, Coco shares her biggest “fan girl” moment, when she met Sharon Stone and learned that Sharon idolizes her! Orange is The New Black’s Selenis Leyva stops by and opens up to Ice-T and Coco about having a transgender sister and how she feels about Caitlyn Jenner. Plus, Ice sounds off on the new male bridal shower a.k.a.: “bro-dal shower” trend and it’s a battle of sculpted hair art like you’ve never seen before in “Hair Battle.” Check out the clip inside! 


Coco: Alright, so I had a fan girl moment. Sharon Stone was on Law & Order. Anyone watch Law & Order?
Audience applauses.
Ice: SVU.
Coco: So I get to meet all the guests. I go with him [Ice]to set every single day, so my office is his dressing room. We combined it. So I met Sharon, but the craziest thing is Sharon came in to our dressing room and she wanted to take a picture with me and said that she idolizes me. How the hell does that happen? …Oh my god, did I just die? But no seriously, I’m a fan and I idolize her. So for her to come and tell me. And she starts talking about babies, this was a while ago.
Ice: She sat in our dressing room for an hour….
Coco: She just chatted it up with me and I was like oh my god, I’m so much more of a fan now. …I love you Sharon.

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