I’m Officially An Empty Nester, My Thoughts!

Well today is pretty bittersweet! My son Pootie is off to school today in Albany, Ga. As some of you may know, my daughter moved out about two months ago and is living on her own. I’m very proud of her living out her dreams but with my son, it’s a bit different since he was the baby. You don’t ever see much of him because he hates taking pictures and he is an introvert. Where he got that from, I have no idea but he shys away from the camera but he takes awesome photos for me lol.

He told me that he wanted to take up a trade because he wasn’t really the type to go to a huge college or anything. He decided to do some research and will be attending a school that teaches underwater welding. You may be asking me, what the heck is that and I said the same thing but he assured me that it would be well worth it. When he completes it, which will be in about a year or so, he will be making lots of money. He has always been adventurous and a good swimmer, so if that is what he wants to pursue, then I will support him and his decision. He had a few more credits to complete in high school and transferred to this school. 

After dropping him off today, I will be officially be an empty nester! OMG, I cant believe it! I don’t know how I feel about this but people have been telling me I will be ok. I’m a bit sad because me and my son did a lot together, we are VERY close. We would go to the movies, play games, run around the house, he would fix things for me etc. Pootie would also take my fashion pics for me and often would yell at me and threaten to call child services for child abuse(about taking so many pictures lol) and so much more! He is the sweetest big kid you would ever meet! NEVER had a problem out of him besides him not liking to clean up after himself but he is truly a gentle soul. I love both of my kids so much, this is hard to swallow. With me going through my divorce now, I’m here all alone and I don’t know if Iike this or not. Usually when you are an empty nester, there is still your mate there with you but I don’t have that now, that’s where it gets weird.

I do travel a lot thank God for that but I hope to continue meeting new people and learning new things to keep myself busy. Then I have to remember that my grand baby is on the way, so that should keep me really busy next year lol. I guess I will adjust to this new venture but I’m glad that I was able and blessed to stay home with my kids, since birth! They don’t need me as much now, they often don’t text or call me back but hopefully that will change once they see that I’m not there that much to help them. Kids are funny, they don’t want that much to do with you as they grow up but then they seem to come back around to that familiar place. Till next time! xoxo

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4 thoughts on “I’m Officially An Empty Nester, My Thoughts!

  1. Wonderful post Tami. That’s a great trade that your son is taking up. Good for him. I have two at home still and I often thing about that. I know it will be hard for me but we raise them to let them fly.

  2. I don’t have advice as I haven’t reached that stage of life. I will say that you have done an awesome job as a parent! Both of your children are going out into the world blazing their own paths and you gave them that foundation. This next chapter may be different than you may have planned, but you will come out on top.

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