Imagine Picasso Exhibition In Atlanta

Last night I attended a VIP Mixer for Imagine Picasso an Immersive Art Exhibit that will be in Atlanta for a limited time. I enjoyed learning about this unique artist and seeing over 200 Pablo Picasso masterpieces! Opening March 17 through June 19th, it’s something to see!

It was also fascinating to see the journey of his life shown in artistry with his revolutionary career! See more inside…

IMAGINE PICASSO offers a unique look into the prolific artist with more than 200 Pablo Picasso works together in one place at one time offering audiences the chance to step into the iconic career of Picasso in a compelling and interactive way. Following successful stints in Lyon, France; and Quebec and Vancouver, Canada; and most recently San Francisco, Imagine Picasso is coming to Atlanta for a limited time. Tickets are available now for purchase.

Conceptualized by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, pioneers of immersive, multi-projection experiences around the world, Imagine Picasso was created to offer a new and modern perspective of Picasso’s unparalleled work. Atlanta residents and visitors in the area can journey through Picasso’s masterpieces, through this authorized experience, from the Bleu and Rose periods to the Cubism and Surrealism movements.

“The Picasso Succession (estate) gave me the right – and I’m the only one in the world – to do this Exhibition,” said Mauger. “That was so important for me. It’s been such a great responsibility, but a nice one!”

With the sign-off from the Picasso Estate and family, Imagine Picasso is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

“It’s really a reinterpretation of his works. It’s a unique sensation, and it’s so interesting because  I’ve been involved in exhibitions, television documentaries and books, but this is really one of its kind,” said Olivier Picasso, a television producer, author and grandson of Pablo Picasso.

“I think (the exhibition) would have pleased my grandfather a lot because he was above all, a man of freedom. I learned from him to remember especially the “why not?” because there are no limits to artistic creation. He himself was someone who explored all forms of creation: painting, sculpture, engraving, ceramics, poetry, theatre – he was a pioneer. I think that if he had lived, the digital world of today would have fascinated him.”

The digital exhibition pays homage to these innovative visions and Picasso’s fondness to adopt new technologies to showcase art throughout his life.

“Picasso was always trying new things. It was a theme of his career – to be a pioneer, to be a revolutionary,” said Jacob Cohl, VP of Experiential/Exhibitions at S2BN Entertainment. “So with this new world of digital exhibitions, we are carrying on his legacy.”

Using the dynamic, multi-projection techniques of Image Totale©, Atlanta’s Imagine Picasso show will feature hundreds of Picasso masterpieces shown on over 90 projectors in the historic Pullman Yards at Pratt Pullman District.

“It’s simply impossible to see so many Picasso masterpieces in one place at one time, and it would take a lifetime of travel to see them all in person,” said Cohl. “This exhibition brings Picasso’s legacy to life in new and unexpected ways, captivating all audiences regardless of age, culture or nationality. Imagine Picasso is for anyone and everyone.”

The creative team behind Imagine Picasso includes Creators Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron; renowned Architect Rudy Ricciotti; and Curator and Art Historian Androula Michael. The exhibition is produced by France-based Encore Productions, a Fimalac Entertainment Group Company, and produced and promoted by S2BN Entertainment in partnership with the Atlanta-based Imagine Exhibitions.

“Atlanta is a fascinating city. It continues to grow with its scenic attractions, Hollywood influence, and African American history. This city is full of engaged museums dedicated to cultural growth with a strong art scene visible at institutions like the High Museum of Art.” said Mauger. “Atlanta is really a perfect place for Picasso.”

Mauger is the original creator of the first immersive Van Gogh exhibition, presented in 2008 at Cathédrale d’Images in France and in 2011 at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. Her creation inspired various digital Van Gogh exhibitions that toured around the world in the years since. In 2017, Mauger and Baron presented a new, elevated version of Imagine Van Gogh in Image Totale© at Halle de La Villette in Paris.

Tickets for Imagine Picasso at Pullman Yards Building 1 at Pratt Pullman District start at $31.50 for adults and $22.00 for children (ages 5-12). VIP tickets are available (includes a limited edition lithograph, flexible entry, lanyard, front of the line pass and tote bag) and additional ticket packages are also available. The Exhibition is set to launch on Thursday, March 17, 2022 and will run for a limited time through June 19, 2022. Tickets can be purchased here.

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