In Case You Missed It: Chilli & Meghan Trainor Stop By The Real


Singer Meghan Trainor visits “The Real” to talk about her hit single “All About That Base” and sitting in for Tamar is guest host, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of TLC, on Wednesday, November 12th! 




Singer MEGHAN TRAINOR visits “The Real” to talk about her upcoming album, “Title,” and her hit single “All About That Base.” She shares about working on her self-confidence and believing she’s beautiful. Also, Meghan plays a fun game of “Battle of the Bass” where she flaunts her best moves with dances like the “Mad Pony” and “Itchy MC Hammer.”


Loni Love: What advice would you give to fans that are struggling with body image issues?

Meghan Trainor: Everyone thinks I’m a pastel girl. I am not. I am like black on black and loving it. My big thing is I say it out loud. Like when I see a picture, I’m like, “Dang, I look good.” After a while saying it, yeah, after a while I really truly believe it.

GIRL CHAT: TLC’S Chilli is on “The Real”
“The Real” enlists legendary performer Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas to guest host. Chilli talks about dating as a single mom and teaches the ladies how to do the notorious “Creep” dance from TLC’s 1994 hit music video.


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