In Case You Missed It: Gabrielle Union And La La Anthony On ‘The Cube’

Actress Gabrielle Union (a.k.a. Mrs. Wade) and La La Anthony tried to beat The Cube with 9 lives and 7 games for $250,000. La La Anthony entered The Cube for the game: Avalanche. Did she beat the game or lose a life? Watch the clip inside, I never heard of this game show but it looks very intense! La La seemed a bit claustrophobic when entering and I would feel the same way and plus you have thousands of viewers critiquing your every move, gotta be nerves wrecking to say the least! It was really cute when La La’s son called in to cheer her on and to add that extra push of encouragement telling her that she can do it! See more inside…

More games, more winners – and more Wade. “The Cube” follows contestant pairs who must demonstrate skill, nerve and determination as they endure seemingly simple physical and mental tasks – all while confined in ‘The Cube,’ an intimidating glass box with its own mind and attitude, in the hope of winning a major cash prize. Working on their own or as a team, each pair has nine lives to complete seven games that are worth an increasing amount of money as they inch closer to taking home the $250,000 jackpot. New this season, Trial Run has been added as a third assist for contestants to unlock when they reach the $50,000 game. It’s a free practice attempt at a game – no prize for winning, no penalty for losing – but the big decision comes afterwards when they must decide to walk away or play!

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