In Case You Missed It: Guerdy Abraira On ‘Watch What Happens Live’


Guerdy Abraira stepped inside the clubhouse over at Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen the other day.  Abraira is from The Real Housewives of Miami and said that she might have made a ruckus had she fallen on her foot like Adriana de Moura and she would have used her words wisely instead of creating chaos after Adriana de Moura’s analogy. She also believed Alexia Nepola crossed the line by essentially accusing all Russian women in Miami of being prostitutes while talking to Julia Lemigova.

During the After Show, Guerdy stated that Adriana de Moura cried to the healer over the ladies being fair-weather friends was authentic. She went on to say that even though Adriana said something wrong to Alexia Nepola, the ladies chose to stick by her as good friends. Plus, Andy Cohen reveals that Adriana brought something mind blowing to the reunion.

For the show the leggy Haitian beauty rocked a classic bob cut and black tuxedo designer jacket and suede thigh-high boots, she was giving it to us and I loved the chic look! See more photos inside plus a video clip…

Guerdy was wearing a Brooks Marks suit jacket and thigh-high boots, cuteness!

(Photos by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

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