In Case You Missed It: K. Michelle On The Real

On Thursday, December 14th, R&B singer K. Michelle visits The Real to talk about her new album, “Kimberly: The People I Used To Know.” She reveals the real reason why she’s having her butt implants removed, and when, and opens up for the first time about her experience with R. Kelly.

Also, the hosts discuss the idea that children should only visit with a Santa Claus of their own race, and if it’s ok to pass something off as “homemade” when it’s really not. Check out more pics and video clip inside…

Michelle Opens Up For The First Time About Her Experience With R Kelly 

Adrienne Houghton: You’ve been open about your relationship with R. Kelly in your song “Build A Man,” calling him “controlling.” Now I’m sure you’ve also heard a lot of the stories from a lot of the women – and in many cases, underage women…

  1. Michelle: Yes.

Adrienne: …that were accusing him, like our past guest, we actually had Jerhonda Pace on the show, who have come forward also saying that he is controlling and has taken advantage of them. So what are your thoughts about this?

  1. Michelle: That gets kind of tricky for me, um, because I see it from two different perspectives – I see it as, you know, this is my mentor, he taught me everything I know about recording, about how to write, the importance of just doing music. And you want to have loyalty for that, but at the same time, I was the girl who was saying something happened to me, and the world told me that it didn’t happen. And so, when I’m looking on the blogs, and I see girls telling their stories, and women all up under these comments like, “That didn’t happen. Oh she lyin.’ She-” It breaks my heart because I was once that girl, like somebody know the truth, nobody gonna take up for me? So it’s left me in a very, you know, funny place, people have asked, this is really the first place I’m speaking about it. I got out of the situation. It was something that I think affected how I thought of myself and how I love men, and you know, I was able to get out of it. So all I can say is to make sure you watch when you tell somebody a specific event didn’t happen to them. Because they could be really going through something. So I’m not here to say if those girls did, did he do that, whatever, all I know is that, you know, everything isn’t always what it seems, especially in the music business.

Pics by Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Television

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