Instagram Snaps From Las Vegas


I love taking instagram snaps and while out here in Las Vegas, I took a few fun shots of things I’ve been doing! Check out a few of me at my hotel at Caesars Palace, dining at Bobby Flavs restaurant Mesa ( the food was delish) the kick off party with Soul Train Awards and so much more! Oh I spotted Wendy Williams walking through a casino but ofcourse I didn’t ask her for a picture, she had her goon of a husband with her and a few other bodyguards(why I don’t know) plus I talked to Jodeci who will also be performing during the taping of Soul Train Awards. Enjoy your weekend everyone, Happy Friday! 


Staying at the beautiful Caesars Palace


Dined at Bobby Flavs Restaurant Mesa Grill Yum!





Me and my boo Aniesia at the Soul Train kick off party!


My buddy and photographer Paras Griffin in the house!

photo 1 copy 2

Feeling lucky, hope I win something ha!

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One thought on “Instagram Snaps From Las Vegas

  1. Haha @ her goon of a husband. Probably better you didnt ask her, because she says on her show all the time how she HATES when people ask her to take a picture, and she hates posing for photos with people, and so she may have said no anyway. Not sure how a celebrity can hate to take pics with the folks who support/love them, but whatevs.

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