It’s January, Happy New Year And Ten Things!

How’s everyone doing out there? I hope you’re doing well! It’s the New Year and I’m just sitting at home trying to stay sane lol! It’s been challenging but we have to persevere and keep going. Did you make a vision board? I do more of a gratitude board then I add ten things that I would like to accomplish in the new year, that seems to work best for me. I post it where I can see it each and every day. I glance at it daily, so it really motivates me.

I did pay off my car at the end of last year and that made me feel like I accomplished something. Now I am tackling my credit card debt. I have a few extra coins now, so my goal is to pay off the last two credit cards I have. I’m super excited that the balances aren’t high either, whew! I paid off two others last year and closed them. I’m trying hard to be debt free this year and I’m almost there…yay! I have a few other goals that I want to accomplish too and I’m researching now to launch a product, finally!

I have never been the type that just jump out there just because others are doing something. But when I do, I want it to be done right! So stay tuned for that. In the mean time, I’ve gathered some fun things that I’ve seen online and I hope you like them. Have a great weekend, stay safe & warm!

  • My girlfriend Gail Johnson launched her very own journal collection, so happy for her!
  • A young entrepreneur by the name David Price created the safety pouch, so cool!
  • Thought this Valentine’s Day Gift Box from Harry & David was super cute!
  • This wide-tooth shark tooth comb is all the rage!
  • Food Stylist Elle Simone Scott has a new book called, Boards lovely for people that like to do food spreads!
  • Love this pink midi skirt from Love Shack Fancy so romantic
  • Oh my, this tabletop mirror is so precious and it’s named after my granny too at Anthropologie 
  • Brianna Cannon has the cutest Valentine’s Day headbands ever!
  • Do you like turbans? They have some fancy ones at Turban By Rona
  • I fell in love with this tulle boa from Cynthia Rowley, she has the cutest clothing and accessories!

*Bonus, check out this haute new restaurant in ATL called Le Bon Nosh if you plan on visiting or live in the area!

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