It’s November, Time For Friendsgiving & Ten Things

It’s November guys and if you’re not ready for the holidays, I don’t know what to tell yah lol. I’ve been going through a transition and the universe has been talking to me. I have been praying, doing meditation and talking to people that give me good vibes & energy. I even have a life coach now and she has been so helpful in having me become the best person I can be! We talk every Monday and I have a list of things to do to better the inner me.

I will be having a Friendsgiving for my next Girls Night In and I can’t wait. Meeting new people and having new beginnings is not a bad thing. I challenge you this month to try something new and to meet someone out of your comfort zone. You never know what the outcome will be and what could transpire from it. You just might meet a friend for life. Inside I share ten things that I found online and don’t forget it’s all about fall fashions. I styled up these cute suede boots, and we all know its sweater weather season ha! Have a great week everyone. xoxo

Ten Things:

If you love luxury items, video vlogger Lydia shares her fav & worst luxury handbags.

Christmas is next month and I can’t believe it but check out King Of Christmas for all your decorating needs!

I love festive tea kettles and these Mackenzie-Childs ones are so cute and add that extra pop to your kitchen.

My daughter just got a bigger place and I was searching for a house warming gift, loved this fur ottoman that fits her decor from Bold Furnishings, use my discount code TAMI15 and get 15% off.

I am totally obsessed with this Show Me Your MuMu Colorado jacket, so fun!

Looking for a fashion designer in the Atlanta area, check out Jacqueline who owns, Akuagabby!

Check out Shoedazzle Fall boots so many to choose from.

If you plan on visiting DisneyWorld soon visit Dahlia lounge it’s brand new and has some fantastic bites and cocktails!

I have to have these Ugg Scuffette II Cosmos…omg!

These lip shades are bomb from Dior Rouge Dior Couture Collection-Limited Edition

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