It’s Summertime And 10 Things

What’s up everyone, we survived the weekend, yes hunty! I didn’t do much but shop, shop some more and I did go to church and took in a very good sermon! I’ve been a long time member of First Baptist Church for over 10 yrs now and my pastor name is Dr. Charles Stanley. He was out on Sunday, he’s in Alaska on some fun cruise adventure but the guest pastor was very good as well!

He talked about “Forgiveness” and I really enjoyed it. I’ve learned over the years people are going to be people and sometimes you can forgive someone but I WON’T forget! I am NO fool by no means, I will forgive you but you can keep it moving after that lol! Inside are 10 things that I found interesting online or other places that I wanted to share with you, have a great week everyone, be safe out there! 

Spending a little time in NYC? The Crosby Hotel is spectacular you have to check it out!

Looking for the perfect sexy red dress for a fun date night? Try this Sophia flounce dress by Maggy London!

If you are here in the Atlanta area, try this cute bar/restaurant called, Boogalou, they have swings that you sit in at the bar, how fun!

Great read about the beginning stages and inside story of Facebook, Sex, Beer and Coding

Want to have some fun with your hair this Summer? Try Tyra In The City, she’s the hottest colorist/hairstylist in Atlanta!

Amazon Prime Day, great for shopping deals and tech products!

Need a great facial, other skin care treatment? Try Clinical Aesthetics of Atlanta 

This dude Team Clayton Thomas is hella funny, please follow him over on Instagram LOL!

Are you a music lover? Check out this cool and funky playlist

Great video on how Fashion PR agencies work!

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