John Stamos Caught His Girlfriend In Bed With Tony Danza In His 20’s

Daytime talk show hosts Kelly and Mark sat down with actor and musician John Stamos to discuss his new memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me”. John talked about touring with The Beach Boys for almost 40 years. He also mentioned working with the Olsen twins and said how proud he was of them now!

Then later, Stamos talked about walking in on his then girlfriend Teri Copley and finding her in bed with Actor Tony Danza! He said this incident happened in his early 20’s and it broke his heart! Wow, I never knew that but he is handsome as ever and I’m sure he bounced back! The girl must have been pretty hot to pull not only John but Tony too lol. John stated that although his girlfriend cheated on him with the “Who’s the Boss?” star, it saved “Full House” from cancellation.

I had the pleasure of meeting John in Los Angeles on a press junket and the Greek God was so much fun and charming! He was doing a new tv sitcom called, Grandfathered. It didn’t last long though sigh! See a video clip inside…

Image via WABC

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  1. He ended up loving them and learning that Mary Kate is stronger in the emotional scenes, Ashley scores in the comedic ones. He also writes that Elizabeth Olsen visited the set and she quickly becomes my new favorite Olsen.

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