Kelly And Mark Win The 2024 Daytime Emmy Award

Congratulations goes out to Daytime Talk Show Hosts and couple, Kelly and Mark! They won the 2024 Daytime Emmy Award for Best Daytime Talk Series Hosts! They heard the great news while over in London while visiting their daughter Lola. It was on June 7th when they heard they won their first joint Daytime Emmy Award!

At the Daytime Emmys, they were not present but accepted the award with a delayed speech. Their longtime friend and actor Jerry O’Connell texted them early a.m. with the good news! He went on to ask them if he could accept the award in their honor, and they agreed. He asked them both who did they want to thank and they told him, Ryan Seacrest. If it was not for him departing the show in April 2023, they wouldn’t have the award lol. Kelly also thanks her husband Mark and said that he makes doing the show so easy. I’ve been watching the show since the mid 80’s and its so addicting lol.

Kelly and Mark have been married since 1996 and have three children, Michael, 27, Joaquin, 21 and Lola, 22.

I’ve seen co-host come and go but I think they are a great fit for the show now! Congrats to the lovely looking couple and see their video clip inside, have a great week everyone!


Photos courtesy of WABC/ARGUETA

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