Kelly Gray Wedding Cakes Inspired By Claire Pettibone Les Fleurs Collection

Aligning with Claire Pettibone’s Les Fleurs capsule collection, LA-based cake designer Kelly Gray partnered with the designer to create three cakes that embody unique elements of her work. Each cake is adorned with an abundant array of sugar flowers, fruits, berries, with touches of playful surprises like butterflies and fresco paintings all made by hand.

“It was a beautiful process to watch our creativity bounce off one another’s and to work alongside another female artist,” said Gray. “Our collaboration felt effortless as our aesthetic and love for all things beautiful melded seamlessly. It was a dream to be able to embrace the ethereal elements of Claire’s designs through my work – adding in organic details like delicate pressed sugar petals and replications of her hand appliqué blossoms.”

Kelly mirrored the collection’s color palette, using soft pastels and pops of orange and apricot to create depth and romanticism as well as gilded 24 karat gold touches for an added layer of luxury.

The cakes were inspired by Claire Pettibone 🌸Les Fleurs collection 🌸…. All sugar flowers you see are done by hand, oh my gosh, so pretty! See the lovely cakes inside, I’m getting so many ideas for my wedding cake for my upcoming nuptials!




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