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Reality Diva and controversial for sure, Ms. Kenya Moore covers the latest issue of Heart & Soul. I must say she looks radiant in all that red! Last night she was also kicked off Celebrity Apprentice but she didn’t go out without a fight! I love that show and she is pretty entertaining to watch but I think that Donald Trump had, had enough of her shenanigans and sent this long-haired diva packing! The controversy on the show was when actress Vivica Foxx called her every name under the sun and made accusations that Kenya had stolen her phone and tweeted that she was going through menopause, something Vivica Foxx said she would never do. All of that and plus she was project manager and lost the challenge made her get sent bye bye. Sorry Kenya better luck next time! In her interview with Heart & Soul, read what she had to say about being Miss USA, self esteem and more!  xoxo

On Being Miss USA:
“One of the best things about being Miss USA is that I changed the stereotype, especially for darker-skinned black women in the early ‘90s. It was a win for black women, and for black people.” She frankly acknowledges that the image of Black beauty hasn’t always been (and still isn’t always) positive, for women of all shades. She is proud to have played a role in challenging the status quo.”

On Giving Back:
“I was such a troubled girl throughout high school. I always wanted to give back to young black girls, so I have the Kenya Moore Foundation, which awards scholarships to my alma mater.”

On Her Self-Esteem:
“I know that I have it, but I didn’t know where I got it from. [Now] I know I got it from my grandmother loving me, and from my father loving me. But the one thing I can also always point to is that I have accomplished things in my life that no one can take away from me. Winning Miss USA, being a trained dancer. I have talent. I have an education.”

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Bonus: Check her out on The Wendy Williams Show where she throws lots of shade lawd!

On the incident with her stealing Vivica’s phone
Absolutely not. I think the whole thing is quite ridiculous. I don’t think I needed to send out a tweet or take someone’s phone to win. I was a strong player from the beginning. So I didn’t need to resort to such ridiculousness. I think people are entitled to their opinion. If you want to believe that it’s true, you believe it. If you don’t, you don’t. I think that I was made a scape goat. They tried to fire me the week before and I fought my way out of it. I made a bad decision in terms of the creative and that’s why I was eventually fired.

The shade about Vivica’s botched plastic surgery
“Nobody talks about her face…”
“I never attack women on their looks. I have been a natural girl. I’ve never tried to turn myself in Maleficent.”
“But if I ever need a little tune up, or need to go to the doctor I don’t judge….but go have some good work.”

On her being on Celebrity Apprentice
This show is a meritocracy. So we should be winning on or own merit and what we can bring to the table. I had a lot to bring to the table. Well, if pulling out the stops means being the most ghetto and ratchet person on tv at the moment, then I guess so. I don’t want to bend over and stoop to that level because I might tilt my crown. So I just stay above that.

On Nene’s cease and desist letter
Well, she tried it. It’s nonsense. Nene from day one has been the biggest agitators on our show. She slandered everyone. Last week, she called Claudia [Jordan] a half breed. Said she had so much sex she doesn’t have her female parts anymore. And she called her the “W” word no one likes to hear. And she intimated that I lied about the Apollo [Nida] situation. Really, I need to send her a cease and desist for whoever makes her wigs.

On the drama with Lupita Nyong’o and not taking a photo with her
I’m a huge fan and I was in my feelings. I saw her and I was like Oh my god it’s Lupita. She’s a chocolate girl, she won an Academy Award. so of course I’m going to be in support of her. My friend went to ask for a picture and she was turned her down. I was trying to get a pic with Taylor Swift and she was taking pics with everyone. Everyone was taking pics. I’m still a fan. I still want her to win.

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