Key Points On Modeling For Fashion Brands & Boutiques

Hello guys! I was at Tags Boutique today modeling some of their latest fashions for the boutique, when I struck up a conversation with the store co-owner Peaches. I am always curious about two things. One is how to start an online boutique, second, what brands and stores look for when selecting their models. She gave me her opinion on what type of models works best for their store, website and online social media.  When working with models she looks for a few key things. I’ve been modeling for Tags for over 3 months now and there is also one other curvy model they use. She told me she is always looking for more smaller models but they all have to have that certain sparkle. Inside check out what she had to say about being a model for the brand and more…

I will be the first to say that I am NOT a professional model by no means. I have always dibbled and dabbled in the modeling industry and have walked in numerous amounts of fashion shows and have also modeled for MANY brands but I am not signed to an agency. I have thought about it in the past but I have such a busy schedule and travel so much that I just never got around to getting representation. I like doing things at my convenience or as needed but to be dedicated to modeling full-time, just does not work for me. So anyway, I was chatting with Peaches who co-owns Tags Boutique with her partner Kandi Burruss. I asked her what does she look for when selecting models for the brand and she stated that first off, “EVERYONE thinks that they can be a model” lol. She is so right about that and even I get looks and stares from people because they think that I am not “tall enough” “thin enough” or “big enough” to be a model lol.

When you model for a select group/niche of people, there is NO requirement at all, that’s where people get confused! You can be any age, shape or size if you have what the brand is looking for. So never let anyone tell you that you can’t be this or that because that is not true and I’m a living witness to that. I never submitted any modeling information to any brand that I’ve worked with,  they have always approached me. That’s what happened with Tags Boutique. They reached out to me and I was available and we built a relationship.

Peaches went on to tell me a few things that she looks for when selecting models as well.

Look: Will you represent the brand well? Do you have that certain appeal or look? Each owner of a brand looks for models that have that certain sparkle or look that they feel will make people want to shop and buy.

Personality: If you plan on modeling, you have to have a great personality hands down! Noone wants to be around a Debbie Downer, someone who is negative or has bad energy. It will show in pictures and your attitude will determine if you are asked to come back or not!

Image: The type of clothes that they carry has to work on you. Sometimes clothing appears different on each and every model. You have to be able to sell for the brand.

Figure: Like I said before, everyone thinks that they can be a model because they may be tall and thin but NOT everyone wants that runway model look. For boutiques especially, they look for more curvier models big or small with a certain physique. Your body needs to be proportioned correctly as well.

Confidence: You have to be able to sell a garment, look confident and strong in your pictures. If you are insecure in any area of your body, it shows in images. Some models are uncomfortable showing their legs, stomach area, arms etc but you have to be able to wear anything and look good and have tons of confidence. That is definitely a deal breaker.

Fit: You have to be able to fit the clothing, then be able to fill them out in all the right places. The clothing Peaches carries is for a certain type of woman. That is extremely tricky to pull off for models because some may be busty like me, or small busted which results in that person not being able to wear certain garments. Some items don’t work on models with different body types because they can’t always fit the clothing properly. Tall models may look different in skirts and dresses than an average sized model, it all depends on your body type etc.

I was not always so secure with my own body. Over the years, I got better at loving me but there were still areas that I knew I could work on and improve. Like my chubby legs and thighs but I am now proud of them and have gained confidence because of my community of friends that cheer me on! Now at my age, I embrace my flaws and keep going. I do know that there are areas I can improve on and I’m working on that and if you’ve noticed, I have lost a few pounds as well with better eating habits and food choices. You can do the same.

My point today is to NEVER give up on your dreams and if you still want to be a model, then by all means do it! Don’t let anyone discourage you or tell you that you are not good enough. I’ve been told NO a lot of times in my life but that just made me stronger. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. I hope these tips help you on your journey and good luck! xoxo

*My t-shirt dress is available in-store now at Tags Boutique and on the website coming soon! Sandals by Shoedazzle Izita.

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