Kim Fields: Shining In Netflix’s Hit Comedy ‘The Upshaws’

On today’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” actress Kim Fields joined the Tam Fam to discuss the new season of her hit Netflix sitcom, “The Upshaws.” She reflected on having social media personality and actress Tabitha Brown guest star on the series and shared the magical formula behind the show’s success. I also have details on that gorgeous orange and pink dress she was wearing for the show! See more pics and video clip inside…

Kim Fields talks Tabitha Brown’s guest appearance on “The Upshaws”:

“It was so much fun having her. Sometimes I almost don’t post about ‘The Upshaws’ because then a whole bunch of people are like, ‘Yo, let me get on there! You know I need to be on ‘The Upshaws!’’ But with Tabitha, she was, honestly I reached out because she wasn’t hitting me up and blowing me up to be on it but I DMed her and I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna?’ and she was like ‘Absolutely!’ and I said ‘Okay, sounds great.’ Now what I didn’t know was that at the time, she was about to launch her haircare and she had it in this beautiful pink box and so she put one in my dressing room and it’s called ‘Sweet Potato Pie,’ so I was like” Tamron jumped in, “You thought it was actual pie?” Kim responded, “You know what? You know what? See now you want to talk about how friends do you, listen! Not the ‘oh my god’! Listen to how stunned she sounds! And then I put it in the refrigerator!”

Fields on the magical formula behind the success of “The Upshaws”:

“We know funny, you know? And Wanda Sykes, she is [funny], Lord have mercy! And then Mike [Epps], is so, you know, spontaneous and so when you’ve got all of that, that’s the lightning in the bottle. And so when you put all of that together, you’ve got this great writers room, it really is the secret sauce…And why we want to keep coming back because it’s one thing to just, you know, there’s a curiosity factor, everybody wants to see, you know, ‘what is this?’ but when you go, ‘well I couldn’t get past season one or episode one or episode two’ but we’re almost fifty episodes in. You want to keep leveling up. You want to keep giving, you want to give the people what the people want!”

Kim was wearing a Fashionova orange & pink dress, pretty!


(DISNEY/Jeff Neira)

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