Kim Kardashian Talks Living Next To Madonna, Push-Up Bra With Nipples & Which Online Rumors Are True

Reality Star Kim Kardashian sat down with Jimmy Kimmel the other night! She talked about being neighbors with Madonna two different times, walking her dog in exchange for her jewelry, going trick-or-treating with her, inventing a Push-up Bra with nipples molded after her own, developing SKIMS for men,

Later, sidekick Guillermo modeled some of her women’s shapewear, acting in “American Horror Story: Delicate,” what her relationship is like with Donald Trump, and she responds to online rumors by answering some “True or False?” questions.

Kim Kardashian has Armenian heritage on her father’s side. She has spoken about the Armenian genocide and visited Armenia to connect with her roots. Kim’s businesses, like KKW Beauty and SKIMS, have made her a successful entrepreneur. She has a keen sense for trends and branding.

The mom of four published a book of selfies called “Selfish” in 2015, showing her commitment to mastering the art of the selfie. Despite her fame in reality TV and fashion, Kim Kardashian has a serious interest in law. She has been studying to become a lawyer and has worked on criminal justice reform.

Kim is skilled at playing the piano, which she learned from her grandmother. Kim Kardashian has one of the largest Instagram followings, with hundreds of millions of followers. In the fashion world, Kim has become a muse for designers, notably Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga, known for her bold fashion choices.

Before becoming a media mogul, Kim was a prankster. She used to play practical jokes on her family and friends. These are just a few fun facts about Kim Kardashian, a multifaceted celebrity who balances family life, business ventures, and legal studies with style and grace. See more photos inside and a video clip….

. (Disney/Randy Holmes)

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