King Of Christmas Holiday Decorations

If it was not for my grandbaby Legend, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have put up a Christmas Tree. Just because I am not really in the holiday spirit doesn’t mean that he has to suffer lol. So I reached out to King Of Christmas again this year to see what they had and what I could do. I already had my wonderful frock tree from last year, so this year I decided that I wanted to decorate the outside of my door. It turned out pretty good and my neighbors love it! I’m the only one in my pod that did any holiday decorations too, so I kinda stand out. When the delivery guys stop by they always compliment me on my door too lol.

My grandson Legend has pulled every Christmas bulb off my tree and runs around the house with them, its pretty funny to watch lol. If you still plan on decorating for the season please visit King of Christmas website to see all they have! They make the BEST artificial trees, wreaths, garland and amazing lights that has a remote attached to switch to different light settings, its so cool! More pics inside and where to find, stay safe everyone!

King Of Christmas 7′ Prince Frock Artificial Christmas Tree Unlit

King Of Christmas Tribeca Spruce Collection 4-piece Set with warm white led lights (battery operated)

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