Larenz Tate Talks About How Jamie Foxx Unintentionally Set Him Up With His Wife On ‘Tamron Hall’

On the Tuesday, March 14 edition on “Tamron Hall,” beloved actor Larenz Tate joined the show to discuss his legendary career in Hollywood and share a sneak peek look at the highly anticipated season three premiere of STARZ’s “Power Book II: Ghost.” Tamron reminded Tate that March 14 marks the 26th anniversary of Tate’s iconic film “Love Jones” and the two laughed about Tate’s very first professional acting role at age ten in a reboot of “The Twilight Zone.” Tate also shared how Jamie Foxx unintentionally introduced him to his wife at a Hollywood party 23 years ago when Foxx asked Tate to be his wingman. More inside….


Larenz Tate on how Jamie Foxx “introduced him” to his wife:

“So it’s an interesting story. The story is that yes, he didn’t quite introduce me to her. There was an event back in 2000. Look at my wife, she’s so fine…My wife and I have been together for 23 years and she is my rock. She’s the CEO of our family, she runs everything. I truly love her and she sort of, you know, steps back and supports me in a real way to do what I do. So back in 2000, during All Star Weekend, we were all having this big party, and there was a private event, and there were all kinds of people coming in. And I knew Jamie [Foxx] was throwing a private party and there were a couple people that you know, he invited, right? And so, at the time, he was like ‘Hey, there’s a couple of people that’s gonna come through. I want to talk to somebody, but I need you to keep her friend occupied while I just talk to her.’ But I was like, ‘I’m not playing your wingman.’ And that person was the person that I later would marry and spend my, my life partner… I was on my wingman for a moment. And the person that he was talking to, they didn’t connect at all. It was like two, three minutes and they were like, okay, whatever. But I got the prize.”


Larenz Tate on STARZ’s “Power” universe and the upcoming season three of “Power Book II: Ghost”: 

“It [the ‘Power’ franchise] is something. Like we don’t even have ‘Power’ fans we call them ‘Power’ family, the ‘Power’ universe, ‘Ghost’ family. I mean it has been such a phenomenon. And what’s interesting about the ‘Power’ phenomenon is that our ‘family,’ they don’t distinguish the actual actors from the characters. So when you are out they are like ‘Yo Rashad!’ ‘Yo Councilman Tate!’ ‘What happened to the Queen’s Tower Project?’ ‘Did you really steal that money?’ And I’m like, ‘Relax, relax.” I gotta say like, Councilman Rashad Tate, he’s a person that you either love or you hate right? And I’m good with that because I don’t want the gray area. I want you to love him or you hate them. But this season, you get a chance to maybe love them a little bit more than you typically would but…it’s not a spoiler, but you’re also gonna hate him too. I’m just saying we’re keeping, we’re keeping the shenanigans going on, yeah for sure.”

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