Lauryn Hill Performs At BET Awards With Son YG Marley

Who out there is a fan of the FUGEES??? I know I am and I was excited to see that Lauryn Hill performed at the BET Awards last weekend with her darling son YG Marley! She later even brought out her bandmate Wyclef Jean and the rocked the house! Lauryn even performed a rendition of her 1995 banger “Fu-Gee-La” that got the crowd crunk! One thing about Lauryn, she might show up HOURS late but once she get going, she puts on a show okay!!

I personally wouldn’t have the tolerance for paying for tickets to see her and then she hits the stage hours later but people don’t seem to mind. Rumor has it that BET told her the wrong time on purpose to be there which I find hilarious but I don’t know how true that is lol. She sang a few tracks from her iconic 1998 album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. Her band is wonderful and she did such an amazing job!

Then later in the show, Hill, 30, brought out her son YG Marley, who’s the grandson of Reggae icon, Bob Marley! He sang his hit single, “Survival” then transitioned into the song, “Praise Jai in the Moonlight”. I absolutely LOVE this song and it makes me dance everytime I hear it! If you listen to the song, you can hear a sample from YG’s grandfather’s 1979 song, “Ambush in the Night”. Lauryn also ┬áhas writing credits for the song “Survival”. I know it’s such a blessing to be on stage and perform with your off-spring! They shut down the BET Awards and you can hear Lauryn shout out BET saying, “it’s been a long time”. See all the photos inside….

Lauryn and Wyclef

Lauryn wore a Anakki dress and ROKSANDA cape

(Photos by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)


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