Legend Turns 2, Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Soiree

Happy Birthday goes out to my grandson Legend who turned 2-years-old yesterday! The day was perfect with weather reaching the low 70’s and it was a sunny day outside, so we were all in a good mood! Boogy Bear started his day off with a nice breakfast at a restaurant then he was off to get his hair done. Afterwards he hung out with his mom, till I arrived and that’s when the party got started lol!

I greeted him with a big Spiderman action figure and matching jacket and he was so happy! Then I said to him, “Happy Birthday Boogy Bear” and he looked at me and responded with, “Happy Birthday”. I burst out laughing because it was the very first time that he has uttered any real words! I guess he decided  that on his birthday was the perfect time to start talking! I video taped it too, so I will forever have that moment! After that, it was off to dinner at Roc Cuisine restaurant.

I bought him a small dinosaur cake to sing happy birthday with. Dinosaurs was the theme of the party this year. Legend loves cars and dinosaurs lol. At the restaurant he kept telling people walking by that he was two, it was the funniest thing! My daughter and I dressed in camouflage outfits to match the theme.

We really wanted to do more for his birthday but with Covid-19 and all thats going on, we kept it very simple this year and wanted everyone to be safe. We were bummed out we couldn’t do more. My daughter Tyra rented out a movie theater at AMC/Phipps Plaza and when we arrived, guests had already started to arrive.

Each guest got huge dinosaur blow up figures and stuffed goody bags. We had another cake and cookies delivered as well. The kiddos enjoyed watching Lego Movie and it was Legends first time being in an actual movie theater, he loved it. But he quickly got up to run around and play with his friends lol! We had a nice time and hopefully next year we will get to have something even better but we think he enjoyed his special day. Enjoy the snaps I took and be blessed everyone! xoxo

Legend wore a Givenchy ensemble, track suit and sneakers

Thank You To Event Planner Gail Johnson

Thank You Pums Sweets

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