Leslie Uggams Talks About Her Role In Deadpool On Tamron Hall

On today’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” in an exclusive interview, the couple from the hit Netflix docuseries “American Nightmare” Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn shared the details behind their shocking true-crime story involving a kidnapping and the fight to be believed. Then, Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress and singer Leslie Uggams joined the Tam Fam to discuss how she earned her recurring role in Marvel’s “Deadpool” series. Uggams also revealed whether or not she’s attending the Oscars! More inside…

Leslie Uggams Says Her Deadpool Script Had No Cursing When It Was Sent to Her:

On if she will attend the Oscars, “I’m working! I’m doing Jelly’s Last Jam at City Center and by the time we finish, I have to get ready because I’m gonna be at 54 below for three days doing my act so I don’t even know if I can get there.” On how she got the role in “Deadpool,” “It is so wild. They sent me a script that made no sense, whatsoever. And so I said, ‘Okay!’ and I just kind of did the thing and I thought ‘What is this?!’ If there was cursing in the initial script, “No, not the first one…Well when I was able to do the second time, there still wasn’t anything and then they liked me and they said, ‘We think you have the part but we want to now, you know, meet with the director. And I’m talking with the director and he happened to ask me a question and the F-word came out of my mouth. What can I say? And he turned to me and said, “I love the way you said that.” And I got the role…He [star Ryan Reynolds] always comes up to me and he’ll say, Lesley, do you mind saying such and such and such and let’s go for it!”


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