Life Changes…I’m No Longer Engaged!

Sometimes, we have happy dreams. Sometimes, we have nightmares. Then you awaken just in time to stop the suffering! As you know things moved fast between me and my now former fiancé. I was swept off my feet, and I was smittened. But sometimes things go on behind-the-scenes that start taking a toll on our lives.

I was not physically abused, but sometimes reality sets in and everything is not what they seem or perfect. You know I’m a straight shooter, so I just called off my engagement because it no longer served me, and I didn’t feel comfortable. If you know me, I’m all about having my peace. My peace is priceless and non-negotiable!

I don’t want to talk about the reasons right now or what led up to this decision; I may in the future, but I am moving on right now. Just because you make an announcement that you’re engaged, doesn’t mean you have to follow thru with it. It was a great ride, and I don’t despise, dislike or hate my former fiancé. There’s no malice in my heart. Sometimes people will be who they are and you must let them be. No other people were involved and honestly it was a mutual decision. I wish him all the best, and had a complete blast with him. He treated me like a princess; I will never forget our time together. I have never learned so much from an individual, ever. He was such a great guy! I will always praise him. And I have a special place for him in my heart. Now it’s on to 44 and counting, lol!

Sidenote: I wanted people to be highly aware and prioritize their mental health. I’m in therapy now and it is the best thing I could have done for myself. My therapist Dr. Mary told me there are so many unhealed people out in the world who don’t want help. She also gave me this website for those interested in getting help. It’s You can find someone in your area. Type in your zip code and insurance. Till next time!

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