Life Update: I Fell And Knocked My Front Teeth Out!

Hey guys wanted to give you an update on my well being. As you know last Wednesday, It was really early in the morning and I was headed to go get my hair done by my daughter, I forgot something in the house and got out of the car and tripped and fell in my parking lot and landed on one of those cement blocks that keeps your car from going any further, those bumper things. My face hit that and I knocked out my front teeth. It was such a fluke accident and I’m still confused on how it all happened. I do know I was in rush trying to get to my hair appointment on time but yeah, it happened! I was so dazed and confused not realizing that I had knocked my teeth out, until I started to feel this warm sensation come down my neck, it was blood and then I started to freak out! I got up and rushed into the house, then to bathroom and looked in the mirror and yup my teeth was a bloody mess! I have never really had a major accident in my entire life, so I was very panicked and immediately got in the car and drove to my daughter, who then assisted me. 

It was so crazy because at first I was so numb to the pain, I didn’t feel it at first because my adrenaline was pumping but then it started to hit me! I immediately called my girlfriend Dr. Zelda Pittman, who’s a well-known Dentist in Atlanta and she called me in a prescription for pain and an antibiotic. She told me to be at her office at 8pm sharp! Thank God for great friends and we’ve been knowing each other for over 10 years. I did just that, met her at her office and she got right to work on my mouth! It was not a pleasant experience but she got me together.

And yes, I am self employed and I do NOT have dental insurance. I dropped it last year because I was paying monthly for a bill that I hardly used and I felt like I could pay for my own yearly exams and cleanings out of pocket, wow what a huge mistake! Lesson learned for sure because now I am left with a HUGE dental bill and it’s not cheap, omg! For the damage done to my teeth, (it’s mainly cosmetic too) and from calling around, most insurances wouldn’t have paid for much of it anyway, I was screwed regardless!

Who would have ever thought that at my age I would do such a weird thing, trip and fall and knock out my teeth but things happen everyday and It wasn’t something I could control. Be careful out there guys because life has many twists and turns. My blogger friends started me a Go Fund Me page to help with some of my dental expenses and I am forever grateful for them! I’m feeling a lot better now, still a bit sore but I’m happy and blessed because it could have been much worse! Till next time. xoxo

Every situation in life is temporary. So, when life is good, make sure you enjoy and receive it fully. And when life is not so good, remember that it will not last forever and better days are on the way! 


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