Look For Less: Chanel Cruise 2016-17 Panama Hats

panama hat

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Chanel Cruise Cuba 2016/17 fashion show the other day. I was totally inspired and blown away by the amazing accessories on the runway. The models wore some very fancy Panama hats that made them look chic and effortless.

Actually, I started to think, hmm I have a hat very similar in my closet that I have barely worn that kinda looks  like Chanel’s Panama hats but less expensive. I can only imagine how much one of those Chanel ones cost lol. Because hats are so trendy right now and its Spring, I’m sure you can find them just about in any department store or girly store. More pics and where to find inside…


My Panama hat you can find at Papaya or here




Images via Chanel/Tumblr

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