Lori Harvey Does Expensive Taste Test With Cosmo Magazine

Beauty influencer Lori Harvey launched her skincare line, SKN by LH, so she knows a thing or two about luxury and gorgeousness. Watch more Expensive Taste Test that she did with Cosmopolitan magazine, I feel yah Lori, I love luxury products as well lol! I have been told over the years that I too have very expensive taste! I got that from my mom, I can’t help it!

I don’t do that on purpose, I just like nice sparkly things and I have an eye for quality items but don’t get me wrong, you can always mix high and low and no-one really knows. Its just how you put it all together, wear it or present it that makes anything unique looking lol! Pop inside to her her fun video clip and have a VERY Blessed and SAFE week everyone!

Lori was wearing GIUSEPPE DI MORABITO Spring 2022

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