Lunch & Learn With Talking With Tami

Hey guys! I get TONS of emails, dm’s and inboxes asking me about blogging. I have also been approached by lots of people when they see me out and recognize me and they come up and ask me a lot of questions about blogging and social media. I’m going to tell yah now, it’s not as easy as it appears but it is also very rewarding and I’ve been at it for over 10 years now! Some people try to get into blogging for the wrong reasons and they see all the cool things we get to do but there is so much more to it like, the maintenance of the website, the challenges of making money and I can go on. It is also very rewarding because I have gotten to meet some really fun people over the years, travel to destinations that I never thought I would go and I have had the opportunity to collaborate and partner with some amazing brands!

This Sunday, July 30th I will take two lucky followers to lunch at Zinburger(Lenox Mall) and you will get to ask me anything you want about the Business of Blogging. There will be NO cost to you and you will also receive a fab goody bag. Just because I want to give back and help the next person but I do require that you are serious about blogging and you are able to attend and be on time. If you do not live here but plan on being here this weekend then by all means enter but if you know you can’t make it, please do not waste my time. Have transportation to and from as well. This will start on time and I will be recapping the experience on my blog and adding to my social media. All you have to do is leave a comment on my Instagram page and I will dm you if you are selected. You will know if you are picked by Friday, July 28th at 6pm. Good luck to you and tell a friend or family member that may be interested in blogging etc. xoxo


Thanks to Zinburger for sponsoring the lunch

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