M.A.C Presents: M.A.C Soft Serve


Feast on servings of new M∙A∙C Soft Serve Shadow featuring a unique, bouncy texture, and Dare Hue! Brow Pencil. Delectable Soft Serve shades each layer smoothly onto the lid with buildable colour that’s long-wearing, non-creasing and simple delicious.



M.A.C Soft Serve Eyeshadow

Bounce Around – light, cool taupe-silver (pearl)
Quite Yummy! – pastel pink (satin)
Cushy Life – light, warm, golden beige (pearl)
Put Me To Shame – mid-tone, dirty taupe (satin)
So So Saucy – mid-tone peach (satin)
Plead Gilty – vibrant, sparling gold (pearl)
Jealous Girl – mint green (satin)
Must Be Lust – sparking, bronze-tan (pearl)
Girls, Girls! – soft, pastel purple (satin)
Best Make Up – light, golden highlighter (pearl)
Big Bad Blue – soft, pastel blue (satin)
Softened Up – mid-tone, warm brown (satin)


M.A.C Brow Pencils

Violet Infused – soft lavender
Blonde Not Bland – pastel pink
Frisky Fresh – soft, mint green
What A Highlight – soft, white gold highlighter
Clearly Groomed – nude beige


M∙A∙C Soft Serve
Available online May 26, 2016
Available in store June 2 through July 14, 2016

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