Mary J. Blige Shares How T.D. Jakes Inspired Her Latest Album On ‘Sherri’


Today, talk show host Sherri Shepherd sat down with the iconic queen of hip-hop Mary J. Blige. While discussing the new season of “Power Book II: Ghost” on Starz and ” The Wine Down with Mary J. Blige” on BET, the singer opened up about her past struggles and how  T.D. Jakes inspired her song and album, “Good Morning Gorgeous.” See quotes below and clip below. We’d love to be considered for coverage! More inside and full video clip….


Sherri: The evolution that you’ve gone through to the critically acclaimed album that you have, and your song “Good Morning Gorgeous” …. what inspired this? 

Mary J. Blige: I was married. I was not satisfying to that person. Everything was, “This person is better than you. This person is smarter than you. This person is prettier than you. This person is more talented than you.” So, I actually started to believe it during the 16 years of the marriage. But what the person didn’t realize was who I was and where I came from — I have a strength that he couldn’t see.

I was watching T.D. Jakes one day and he said, “What you say about you is more important and effective than anything anyone else has to say about you.” And that just took life.

I began to confess, “Good morning, gorgeous; good morning, beautiful; I love you, Mary” and it began to manifest in my heart, not so much like I’m Halle Berry or something [she joked] … you know what I’m saying, it manifested through me from my heart into my life and outside. And then my life started to become beautiful. 

When I filed for divorce, it was like the sky opened up, because I spoke positivity over myself.

Mary was wearing Balmain with Versace sunglasses

Photo & video credit: SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

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