Meagan Good Stops By ‘The Nick Cannon Show’

Talk show host Nick Cannon and Actress Meagan Good share a story about their first date together when they were teens! Plus, Meagan shares some inspirational advice. See what she had to say inside and a video clip….

Nick Cannon: “My first real date ever. She invited me…she was nominated for an NAACP award and for some reason she asked little ole me. I was just a kid doing stand-up comedy.”

Meagan Good: “Yes.”

Nick Cannon: “It was a great night but leading up to that was one of the worst nights of my life because it was raining, I caught a flat in the middle of the rain, I got the tuxedo on…I’m screaming crying to the tow truck driver and he drives me all the way to her house towing the car.”

Meagan Good: “I do remember that.”

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