It was a sunny hot day yesterday. I was driving around in the CTS Cadillac Wagon and I had the A/C blasting. I met my buddy Isoul Harris for lunch at a Irish pub called, Meehan’s. The restaurant is located in the heart of Atlanta and it was refreshing to duck into some place cool. We were greeted by the General Manager named Ernie Poole.

Isoul and I

The first thing he asked me was, where are you from? I said, I was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio why do you ask? He said, I’m from Cleveland as well. How he knew I was from there,I had no clue lol. He showed us around and told us how a lot of the things in the restaurant were imported from Dublin, Ireland.The place is huge with over 4,000 sq ft, lots of different rooms for small intimate parties or big lavish ones. It was filled with a lot of history and neighborhood love. He said they will be part of the Atlanta Restaurant Week too, which is going on now!

General Manager Ernie Poole

Big Bar area

Small bar area in back

I asked what was great on the menu and he suggested the fish and chips and some other things. I always love to eat fish and chips, so thats what I got. Isoul is a very healthy eater and he got the salmon burger with no bun and side of spinach. Isoul is the Editor in Chief of 944 magazine and he has such a fab job! He has traveled to some remarkable destination spots too. I want to go to Paris,France next time he goes.

Great craftmanship

I asked Isoul about his past jobs and he said he freelanced for People Magazine, Upscale and some others. With all his networking and skills he was able to go in and interview for the position at 944 Atlanta and landed the job. He has interviewed so many great celebs and he talks highly of Janet Jackson and Beyonce.

House Salad


Artichoke Dip

Fish and Chips

Our food came shortly afterwards and I enjoyed my house salad, fish n chips and bread pudding. The crowd was starting to form and the beer started flowing fast lol. If you want to try a great irish pub in downtown Atlanta, you have to try Meehan’s,it’s a nice place to eat! Thanks to Tara over at 360 Media for the invite!

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