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ronald epps

Morning guys, I wanted to introduce you to a very handsome model that I met backstage during New York Fashion Week! His name is Ronald Epps and he’s a male model from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was backstage at the Carmen Marc Valvo show and looked out the corner of my eye and I just had to meet this very good looking guy! I walked over and introduced myself to him and wanted to learn more about him and his journey in the modeling world!


First thing I asked Ronald was that if he knew he kinda favored a younger Tyson Beckford and he told me yes, he get thats all the time. He stated that he was happy that he finally got to meet one of his favorite male models this season during New York Fashion Week. He said he really looks up to Tyson. His first show he booked was actually for Ralph Lauren as well. After only modeling for two years, he said that it’s been a struggle being a model because he is considered too “big” for some designers because of his physique but still books quite a bit of shows. In person, I think he is very tiny but who am I lol. His modeling agency Wilhelmina doesn’t even attempt to┬ásend him across the pond to European fashion shows because they already know that he will not be able to fit the clothing. He said, supermodels like Tyson Beckford has it a bit easier and its the other way around for guys like him. He is a superstar, so they make custom pieces for him to walk in shows.

Ronald said that’s fine with him because when the other male models head over to fashion week in Europe, he cleans up here in the United States and can easily pull in over $30,000 for the season! He is very athletic and loves to play basketball and he sings too! He is married with a baby on the way and he admits that his wife was not all that excited when he came home one day and said he wanted to be a male model. Then when she saw the income coming in, she learned to adjust really fast lol! It was great to meet this handsome devil and I hope his career flourishes and I know I will be watching! Till next time! xoxo

Walking in the Carmen Marc Valvo show(Fall 2015)

ronald epps

Walking in Perry Ellis Show(Fall 2015)

ronald epps

Walking in Ralph Lauren Show(Fall 2015)

ronald epps


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