Meet Principal Designer Marie Cloud Of ‘Indigo Pruitt Design Studio’

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Principal Designer Marie Cloud who owns, Indigo Pruitt Design Studio out of Charlotte, North Carolina. After chatting with her for a bit, I found out we had something in common! We are both from Cleveland, Ohio and I knew I liked her warm spirit when I met her! We have some very talented folks out of the Buckeye State lol! This year, Marie is featured at the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Southeastern Designer Showhouse & Gardens and she did not come to play!  The rooms she created was out of this world! Especially if you like swanky home theaters and cozy reading areas.

This talented beauty has been recognized for her blended style approach to aesthetics. She studied at Bowling Green State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She later went on to open her very own design firm in 2017. She loves layers of style, strategic color saturation and expressive art. I saw that as soon as I entered the room. It was filled with rich colors and texture that drew my eyes around the space! I love interior design and I enjoyed how she was not afraid to use color.

As we all know, times have become crazy, its nice to see more and more people enjoying their space at home. Invest in your home and make it as cozy as you can. This room made me want to go home and reimagine our theater space and add more pops of color lol! See more images inside and if you’re in the Atlanta area, you should definitely stop by the showhouse, its till June 4th!

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