Meet The Black Dolls

My friend Marian asked me if I would like to attend a barbecue with her. We had just wrapped up from another event and I was still in the party mood lol. When we pulled up, the first thing I saw was a cute black rag doll on a white jeep. I said to myself, this is going to be my kind of party already!

Mascot for The Doll Affair lol

When we entered the door all I saw was a sea of pink. I was in pink heaven ofcourse lol. The founder of The Black Dolls introduced herself as Dana Hill. All I saw at first was her laced up tennis shoes with pink strings, I was thinking, “wow how pinktastic!” I then asked Dana to tell me about her organization because I couldn’t retain myself.

Founder Dana Hill

Dana’s laced up kicks,pinktastic!

She asked me if I had ever seen the black doll test, where little black girls didn’t want black dolls. Most of the little black girls wanted the white dolls because they were prettier and they thought nicer. I’d remembered that test many years ago. Well they had conducted the test again in 2007 and the results were still the same, how sad.

Dolls to be donated

Well Dana started her organization to get together and make a movement for women to feel good about their selves and young girls. She conducts seminars, walks,charity benefits,trips and more in her community.They have even been to the White House! The Dolls get together at the “Doll House” and have fellowship,fun and laughter. At Christmas time they donate dolls of all kinds to girls.

The former publicists from Miami said she started the organization in 2007. She has over 500 members now in different cities but its Atlanta based. Ive been here for 6yrs and have never heard of them and I was embarrassed seeing that I’m an avid doll collector and always looking for strong women to interview lol.

Marian and The Dolls

I got a chance to hang out with the ladies and get to know more about them. I really enjoyed meeting them and I plan on learning more. I want to thank Marian Anderson for inviting me out.I would also like to thank Dana Hill for allowing me to experience The Doll Affair and play in the Doll House,it was simply Pinktabulous!

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