Meeting A Legend And Oscar Winner, Louis Gossett Jr.

I had attended a private screening of the upcoming film, The Color Purple when I suddenly looked over my shoulder and saw that they were brining in a familiar face to me! As I got closer to the carpet, I noticed that it was legendary actor and Oscar winner, Louis Gossett Jr! I got too excited because I loved his movies and always thought he had exceptional talent!

I quickly went over and introduced myself to him and that’s when I asked him for one photo and he was so happy to take a selfie with me! I showed him the photo on my phone to get his approval and he said, lets do one more, after showing him again, he said he liked it and made a joke that we were an item now lol! He still has his since of humor and looking just as handsome at 87 years of age!

He told me that this year is marked the 40th anniversary of his BIG win for Best Supporting Actor in the film “An Officer and a Gentleman”. I had NO clue but remember seeing the film when it hit the theaters! Gossett has had a long acting career and did you know that he was the first Black actor to win the award? Although he is wheelchair bound now, he is still getting great roles and his latest is in, The Color Purple! Color Purple is based on the stage musical adapted from Alice Walker’s novel from 1982. He will also be in another animated film, “IF” next year.

It was an honor to meet such a legend and especially in my era! We have to give people their flowers while they are still with us, and I’m so glad I got to meet Mr. Gossett Jr, such a delight! See more photos inside…

Yvette Caslin and I

Louis Gossett Jr. playing Mister Johnson in The Color Purple in theaters Christmas Day

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