Mel B Talks Finding Love Again & 30th Anniversary Spice Girls Reunion

On today’s “Tamron Hall,” iconic 90s pop star Mel B discussed the updated version of her memoir, “Brutally Honest,” and opened up about her abusive relationship with her ex-husband and her journey to recovery, which included moving in with her mother during the pandemic. The Spice Girl opened up about her relationship with her fiancé Rory McPhee and teased a potential reunion for the girl group. Mel B also reflected on Kate Middleton’s recent cancer diagnosis. See more inside…

Mel B on her decision to revisit her memoir, on her abusive relationship and her journey to recovery:

“The first edition of the book got brought out in 2017. And now in 2024, and a lot has happened to my life since then. You know, I’ve gotten out of that abusive marriage that lasted 10 years. I moved in with my mom during the pandemic, because I found out that I was not only abused on different levels, but also financially abused. So I had to eat humble pie, and figure out my finances, put my head down and work and you know what? I’m a survivor…I think people think, so once you’ve left an abusive relationship, oh, you’re fine now. Well, no, you’re not because you have to piece yourself back together. You’re riddled with shame and guilt and all this horrible stuff and you have to start trusting and believing in yourself again. And that takes time. An abuser will destroy your everything. Your self-worth, your confidence. And abuse can happen to anyone. It doesn’t happen overnight. They are very good at what they do. They do it slowly, slowly, slowly. Segregate you from all your family, all your friends and you’re left just traumatized.”


Mel B on dating after her divorce and her relationship with her fiancé Rory McPhee: 

“He’s a family friend. You know, he really knew my dad before my dad passed away. So there was already that installed trust and respect and safety. I wasn’t starting from scratch because trust me where I came from I was not looking for anything with anybody. I was done trying to be intimate. No thank you. I’m by myself.”


Mel B reflects on recent headlines surrounding Kate Middleton’s health: 

“​​I am so sorry for her. She was literally, you know, going through what she’s going through behind closed doors. Sounds like she was forced to make a statement when she’s going through a horrible diagnosis. I felt so bad. So bad.”


Mel B addresses rumors surrounding a potential Spice Girls reunion: 

“It’s my life and I love being a Spice Girl…I mean us five have been talking together and we are gonna announce something pretty soon.” Tamron asked Mel B why she’s confident a reunion will happen, to which Mel B responded, “Because, girl power. We need more of it in this world.”

Mel B was wearing a Marine Serre catsuit, cute!



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